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Yoga - for your health goal

Practice Yoga from the comfort of your home and experience a journey of mental, physical, and spiritual transformation. Our classes are designed to help you reach your goals.

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Weight Loss

We are not your regular, boring yoga video provider.

We have curated interactive yoga programs that are tailor-made for your health goal.


Yogic solution for your health issues

Now forget your health issues, yoga has the solution.


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Real-time improvement

Our yoga classes are interactive where we check your every movement and provide real-time improvement.

Comfort of your Home

We provide online yoga classes on ZOOM, so you can join us wherever you are

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time slots

Time slot of your choice

We provide various time slots you can choose from, giving you the freedom to manage your time for  health


Forms of Yoga

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Years Experience

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Happy customers

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See what some of our members say



Happy customers

I have been doing yoga classes with Lavika since August last year and I wanted to say I have seen a considerable improvement in my general well-being. I feel very energetic n always get up in the morning n look forward to her class. It has also helped me with my fitness /weight goals and improved my breathing, stamina, and immunity. Thank you for the great support in my fitness journey and for pushing my limits :)




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Bring yoga to your life today and get calm forever

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