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We are making people healthier everyday

We believe that yoga is not just about  physical  fitness, but about   mental ,   emotional  , and   spiritual   well-being.


Kundalini Yoga Breathing




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Our goal-based yoga classes are tailored to meet the individual needs of our students and help them reach their health goals. We offer classes from beginner to advanced levels and also provide private sessions and workshops.


Whether you are looking to cure your Thyroid, PCOD, BP, Diabetes, or Chronic pain,  increase flexibility, reduce stress, or improve your overall health, we can help you along your journey.


Join us and find out what a difference yoga can make in your life!

Lavika Sindhu

Lavika Sindhu

Yoga Therapist and Trainer

Master's in Yogic Science

Yoga has been a part of my life since childhood. I completed my bachelor's and then master's degree in yoga and human psychology at Dev Sanskriti University in Haridwar, India to dive deep into yogic sciences. I feel happy when I see people transforming their health with Yoga.


Apart from providing yoga training, I pen down my knowledge, which grew with experience, on various platforms and blogs.


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  • Where are yoga classes conducted?
    Yoga classes are conducted by Lavika online on Zoom App. A link is shared to the members once they join the program.
  • Why should I choose Lavika Yoga Classes?
    With our online yoga classes, you never loose comfort of your home. Our classes are interactive, where you get guidance and support from us as if there is no distance between trainer and student. You get a personalized experience. We curate our classes based on your requirements and health goals. We provide 30+ forms of yoga flows, each including asanas, pranayama and meditation. So, you get an all-round physical, mental and spiritual fitness.
  • What is Lavika Yoga?
    Lavika Yoga provides online yoga classes to people at the comfort of their home. These classes are goal based, whether you are looking for general fitness, weight loss, or looking to cure some common lifestyle disorders like PCOD, Thyroid, Blood Pressure, Diabetes, body pain, we have a customized program for you.
  • How can I join yoga classes?
    It's simple to join yoga classes at Lavika Yoga, simply visit our join classes page and follow. The link is below. You can also WhatsApp us on +918006484428 to join.
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Bring yoga to your life today and get calm forever

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